Helping Transitioning Servicemembers Become Farmers

William Roam donates to Kansas organization helping veterans

William Roam, creators of American-made personal care products for the hospitality market, is committed to helping American veterans transition onto farms through a donation to The S.A.V.E Farm.

“It was important we donate to an organization which showed a clear connection between people and the environment. SAVE is passionate about both, with a hands-on approach to supporting our veterans with assistance, purpose, meaning and placement on working farms. We knew we were on the right track when we polled our customers and they wholeheartedly agreed with our choice,” says Ali Murphy, CEO of William Roam.

A gap exists between the need for new U.S. farmers and a large population of potential farmers within our veteran and transitioning servicemembers. The average age of farmers in the U.S. is approaching 60 with 40% over 65. Sixty-three percent of our farms may be in the last generation, succession planning is critical to the country’s farming future. 2.3 million veterans are looking for a meaningful way to live and many indicate an interest in farming.

Gary LaGrange, president of The S.A.V.E Farm and a 28 year Army Viet Nam veteran stated, “This donation is tremendously valuable as we help those who have given so much for us find a pathway to farming. It has been used to purchase soy bean and alfalfa seed to teach our veterans and servicemembers row cropping. This training has a miraculous effect on those who are recovering from visible and invisible wounds of war. To see them find purpose as they learn to farm is just extraordinary. Thank you William Roam for this beautiful contribution.”