William Roam to Help Clean Hawaii’s Beaches

American-made hotel amenity company makes donation to local, grass-roots organization

William Roam, creators of American-made personal care products for the hospitality market, is committed to helping keep Hawaii’s beaches clean through a donation to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

The annual 1% for the Planet donation was made after considerable research and vetting of charitable organizations in Hawaii. “It was important we donate to an organization making a visible environmental impact in their communities with a passionate, hands-on approach in support of their own natural features, as well as foster a close relationship to the very places that helped inspire our business. SCH work to help clean-up Hawaii’s beaches was a clear choice.” says Ali Murphy, CEO of William Roam.

A combination of negligence and natural disasters have created floating man-made garbage masses a reality of the 21st century. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is particularly important due to it’s size and location in the Pacific Ocean, as much of the waste is carried by ocean currents and deposited on Hawaii’s beaches. Local organizations work hard to take care of their coastlines, but fighting against Mother Nature and dictating the behavior of others to mitigate the volume of plastics and non-degradable materials used on beach outings is challenging and requires financial support.

Kahi Pacarro, Executive Director of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii stated “We are ecstatic that more businesses are recognizing the importance in supporting grass roots non-profits that are making a tangible difference in Hawaii. We look forward to using William Roam’s donation to perpetuate our mission of inspiring local communities to care for their coastlines through hands on beach cleanups. The money donated will go directly towards our educational outreach in the communities along with the execution of our large scale cleanups across the state.”